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Meet the Artist

Crystal D

My name is Crystal D and I am thirteen years old. I love making mixed media art!




Dhruv S

My name is Dhruv S. I am 12 years old and  I am in 7th grade. I am really bad at drawing, but I enjoy working with paint, clay and quilling. To do art, you don’t need to be artistic or creative, just like anything, you need to work hard!



My name is Hania and I am in 6th grade. Art is something I love to do whenever I have free time. My favorite type of art is painting and even when I don’t get the results I was hoping for, it is still fun.  I also use clay to make things as gifts for others. It is really fun and I think they are original masterpieces to give as gifts to someone on a  birthday, Graduation, etc. That’s pretty much everything about me!


Ikjot P

My name is Ikjot P. I am a Junior at Piscataway High School and I enjoy drawing, coloring, and paper quilling! My art projects can be found under Guided Painting and Paper Quilling. 


Rida H 

My name is Rida H, and I am in 10th grade. I enjoy all sorts of art projects ranging from painting to pastel art and everything in between! My art projects can be found under Photography, Guided Painting and Paper Quilling!


Shriya R

My name is Shriya R. I get to blend several colors together to form my background! I am thirteen years old and I am in 7th grade. A type of art I really enjoy is painting! I love creating different types of paintings on a canvas. I enjoy putting together colors to create my own masterpiece! My favorite part of painting is when I get to blend several colors together to form my background

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