Piscataway Public Library Strategic Plan, 2015-2018

Our Guiding Mission

Piscataway Public Library is committed to engaging minds, building connections, and creating opportunities for individual and community-wide growth.

We Promise

Welcoming Experiences. We understand that no matter how valuable our resources and expertise may be, they will not be accessible to you without mutual respect and appreciation. We prioritize the maintenance of a safe, clean, and friendly environment for all.

Accountability. We strive for transparency, and promise to put the Piscataway Township community and leadership at the forefront of our decision-making. We hold ourselves accountable to all those we serve, particularly providing cost-effective delivery of quality services and maximizing library and community resources through outreach, partnerships, and mutually-beneficial joint ventures.

Responsiveness. We promise to respond to community needs, and to provide support in times of stress or disaster. Through consistent training and staff development, the library will regularly evaluate and explore emerging technologies, trends, services and populations. We will pursue open partnerships in order to support our community.

Equal Access. The library’s doors are open to everyone. We are dedicated to intellectual freedom, open-mindedness, and eliminating any existing or potential barriers to access of information, particularly embracing diversity in cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Excellence. We promise excellence in customer service. We promise to provide training opportunities and support to a passionate, innovative, engaged staff, and we hold ourselves and our workplace to a high standard in order to grow and share knowledge, ideas, and information.

Opportunity, Connection and Collaboration. Through traditional library service, outreach and community partnerships, we aim to provide the space to support individuals and groups in their engagement with social and recreational activities, the freedom of expression and thought, and opportunities for giving back. We actively create and support conditions for sharing and collaboration as well as innovation and creativity.

Goals and Outcomes

Invest in the User Experience

Users will feel welcome, safe, valued and respected.

Goal 1: Focus on providing responsive and remarkable interactions for our users in all venues.
Our user experience will consistently exceed expectations, in person and virtually, in over 80% of patron surveys and testimonials
Policies will be reviewed annually for equity, relevance and need

Goal 2: Increase the connections the library creates.
Increase the number of active card holders by at least 1% annually
Increase the reach of our social media presences by at least 1% annually
Encourage groups of diverse interests to utilize the library and its resources with at least two targeted marketing efforts and/or network building events each year

Engage Our Team

All staff will be engaged in the library’s mission and inspired to provide exceptional service and programs customized for our community.

Goal 1: Support and encourage staff to develop new programs in response to community needs.
Create an environment that works on empowerment and accountability, measured in employee surveys, professional development pursuits and employee evaluations
Create feedback loop to pilot new initiatives, and evaluate and disband outdated initiatives annually

Goal 2: Use extreme selectivity in hiring staff, and fully support continuing education and opportunities for growth.
Staff members from all departments will be encouraged to pursue at least two learning and/or leadership opportunities per year
Staff members are supported in becoming recognized leaders in library and community areas of interest
Staff are evaluated on their professional development commitment with the maintenance of a professional development log for each employee to be reviewed during employee evaluations

Be Integral to the Community

The library will seek out new opportunities to best serve the local community.

Goal 1: Support opportunity for all ages.
People of all ages have the opportunity to learn, create and become engaged citizens with guidance from program evaluation surveys and patron testimonials
Provide access to emerging technologies and tools to empower the library user, evaluated on a semiannual basis
Design and redesign spaces, physical and virtual, for engagement among community members

Goal 2: Serve community needs beyond traditional library roles.
Ensure resources and training are in place to strengthen the library’s role as a safe haven during times of emergency, including an annual preparedness status review led by the library’s safety coordinator
Collaborate with business and non-profit organizations to be a positive force in the community
Be a valued presence at community events and non-library venues at least six times yearly

Approved by Piscataway Library Board of Trustees, January 12, 2015