Meeting Room Fee Schedule

Piscataway Public Library Fee Schedule for Use of the Piscataway Public Library Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms may be reserved for use by clubs, organizations, or agencies that are of a non-profit nature. An exception may be made for community-based incorporated groups using the meeting room for purposes of membership meetings. In addition, local music teachers or dance groups may reserve the room for public recitals. Groups may not request space for more than 2 evenings in any given month due to demand.

Please consult Library policy on Use of the Meeting Room. This policy applies to all groups utilizing the Library’s meeting rooms.

Musical Recitals in conjunction with a music teacher:
$100 for an event up to 4 hours
$50 for scheduled practice time up to 3 hours
If piano tuning is desired, that fee will be in addition to the room rental cost and a piano tuner recommended by the Library must be used.

Non-Profit Community Organizations, Sports Leagues, Professional Organizations or Interest Groups, Homeowner Associations, Swim Clubs, etc:
$25 for up to 3 hours
$75 for a full day up to 7 hours

Mother and Child Play Groups: $25 for up to 2 hours

Scout troops or other community service organizations may book the room for up to 3 hours per session and provide the Library with in kind services in lieu of a $25 room rental fee. The Director or Associate Director will determine the length and nature of service.

The rental fee shall accompany the application. Credit cards cannot be accepted at the library. If payment is made by check or money order, it must be made payable to the Piscataway Public Library with the name of the person or organization requesting the room printed on the check. Fees will be returned if the reservation cannot be confirmed or if due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances the library needs to close unexpectedly. If the group chooses to cancel their reservation, the Library must be given 2 business-days prior notice, otherwise the room rental fee will not be able to be refunded.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 09/11/07