Say farewell to fines!

Piscataway Public Library is a Fine-Free Library!

Piscataway Public Library will no longer assess fines on items returned past their due dates. Previously existing fines for items checked out at either Piscataway Public Library location and returned overdue will be waived.

We know you may have some questions. See if you can find your answers below.

Why is Piscataway Public Library going fine-free?
The Piscataway Public Library and the Board of Trustees want the library to be welcoming to all members of the community. Many libraries, locally and across the U.S., have recently gone fine-free. The American Library Association adopted a resolution in 2019 stating “monetary fines ultimately do not serve the core mission of the modern library,” and we agree!
Research has found that fines do not motivate Library users to return items on time, but that fines do represent an inequitable barrier to service that disproportionately impacts children, students, and your neighbors with the most limited resources.
Please note: Museum Passes may still incur fines.

What happens if someone doesn’t return their items?
Piscataway Public Library is going fine-free, but we still have due dates.
Renewals will remain the same. If materials are not renewed or returned, the account the materials were borrowed on will be blocked and the cardholder will be billed. In most cases, returning the materials will clear the account. Lost and damaged items will also be billed.

What about materials from other LMxAC Libraries? What about Interlibrary Loan?
All materials checked out from either Piscataway Public Library location will be fine-free. If you choose to pick up materials at another LMxAC library, those materials may still incur fines.

How will this affect the Library’s budget?
Fines represented less than 0.25% of the Library’s budget. Going fine free will not impact the availability of materials or services.

What else is changing?
Piscataway Public Library will no longer assess a $1 rental fee on DVDs.

Wait, I considered my fines a donation to the Library!
We can’t turn on fines just for you, but you can set up a one-time or recurring donation to the Piscataway Public Library Foundation here.

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