Job Opportunities


The Piscataway Public Library (NJ) Board of Trustees is seeking an Executive Director to lead an award winning public library, with an award winning staff to continue to serve our diverse community of over 56,000. Under the control of the Library Board of Trustees, the Executive Director manages and directs the operations of the Library according to the policies established by the Board. The Executive Director is responsible for providing professional expertise appropriate to the needs and desires of residents in the Township.


  • Organizes and administers the library system by:
    • Knowing local, state, and national laws affecting libraries
    • Preparing for and attending Library Board meetings
    • Formulating and recommending policy to the trustees
    • Interpreting and implementing policies as adopted by the trustees
    • Reviewing library policies, procedures and practices
    • Preparing narrative and statistical reports
    • Coordinating and developing the strategic planning process designed to meet the needs of the community
    • Maintaining all records and reports required by law
    • Structuring the library effectively and efficiently
    • Conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings that foster open communication and staff input in the decision-making process
    • Delegating authority and responsibility to appropriate staff
  • Manages all financial aspects of library operations by: 
    • Preparing the annual operating, salary & wage, and capital budget requests that reflect the library's mission, goals, and objectives
    • Monitoring library income and expenses during the year
    • Keeping the Board informed of the progress of the budget during the year
    • Participating in cooperative library organizations, networking, shared grants, group discounts, etc. to provide enhanced services Investigating additional sources of funding and/or income
  • Manages library facilities by:
    • Utilizing the library facilities effectively and efficiently
    • Providing for adequate safety and security of all library property
    • Communicating information regarding library facilities and personnel to the proper sources
    • Maintaining open communication and a good working relationship with appropriate township personnel
    • Maintaining proper custodial care of library facilities
    • Planning and budgeting for maintenance and repairs
  • Fosters a positive public image of the library by:
    • Planning for programs, with input from the public, to foster good community relations
    • Establishing and maintaining effective work relationships with Township officials, Friends of the Library, school groups, and community organizations
    • Representing the library in local, state, and national professional organizations and other community based organizations
    • Creating an environment that welcomes diversity and promotes literacy, community engagement and opportunity.
    • Promoting intellectual freedom, equal access to information, and upholding confidentiality laws
  • Manages personnel effectively and appropriately
    • Screening and interviewing candidates for all positions, participating in the selection of library personnel, following equal opportunity guidelines
    • Participates in the orientation and mentoring of new library personnel
    • Administering staff personnel policies in a positive, consistent, and responsive manner
    • Providing staff with support and leadership, encouraging professional growth and development and recognizing accomplishments
    • Creating a culture that promotes positive change and a climate for excellence Maintaining a systematic program of employee supervision and performance evaluation
    • Maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace for staff
  • Ability to analyze, comprehend and use current approved public library standards, methods and techniques.
  • Demonstrates leadership, initiative, and creativity
  • Maintains high standards of ethics and integrity in all professional matters


  • Masters Degree in Library Service from an ALA accredited program
  • Professional Librarian's certificate issued by the NJ Department of Education
  • Seven years of post MLS experience, at least three of which shall have been in the on an administrative level
  • Thorough knowledge of theories, principles and techniques of librarianship
  • Current knowledge of library administration, management techniques, library trends and innovations
  • Continuing education to update professional and personal skills via courses and seminars, professional journals and professional library associations
  • Ability to prepare and present accurate and informative statistical and technical reports
  • Ability to communicate clearly, courteously, and effectively with the Library Board, employees, customers, township employees, and groups outside the Library both verbally and in written format.


  • The ability to stand, sit, walk, and stoop
  • The ability to handle, reach for and carry materials up to 20 lbs.
  • Dexterity to operate keyboards and other office equipment
  • Visual acuity to read print and computer screens
  • Vocal ability to communicate clearly and courteously
  • Hearing to perceive information at normal spoken word levels
  • The ability to travel between libraries, municipal buildings, and to attend meetings in other locations


The Executive Director position is a full time exempt management level position, including 35 scheduled hours including the ability to work evening, weekend, and rotating hours as needed.


The annual salary is: $108,749.00. Piscataway Public Library offers a competitive benefits package including generous paid leave, medical insurance, PERS, and a commitment to training and staff development.


Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicant must comply with the "New Jersey First Act".


Applications may be submitted until the close of the application process on March 31, 2018. Apply by submitting a resume, cover letter and three references to