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Piscataway Public Library Procedures and Regulations for Use of the Piscataway Public Library Meeting Rooms

The Library’s meeting rooms are primarily for programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Piscataway Public Library.

When not being used for library programs, the meeting rooms may be reserved for public gatherings.  Use of the meeting room is obtained through a written or online request form.  All requests must be approved by library administration.  The meeting rooms at John F. Kennedy Library and Johanna W. Westergard Library are available for rental during the hours the Library is open.  Groups using the meeting room are required to end their meetings 15 minutes prior to closing and 30 minutes before closing on Sundays.   Meetings may not disrupt the use of the Library by others.

Permission to use the Library in no way implies Library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or its program.

1. In general, meetings should be open to the public. With prior notification and approval, a group may hold a private executive session prior to a general meeting. In such case the executive session should end 30 minutes before the advertised start of the general meeting.

Approved counseling services and/or classes being provided to Piscataway residents by non- profit, certified educational or governmental agencies may be held in closed session.

2. The club, organization or agency must be of a non-profit nature, an exception may be made for community-based incorporated groups using the meeting room for purposes of membership meetings. The meeting room is not to be used for the commercial benefit of private individuals, or profit-making purposes. Solicitation of money (including admission charges, dues, donations or sales) is prohibited except when in connection with Library sponsored programs with prior approval of the Director.

3. The organizational representative signing this form must be in attendance to conduct and/or monitor the meeting. The representative may appoint a designee from the organization to attend in his/her place if he/she is unable to attend. The Library must be given prior notice of the designee’s name, title, address and telephone number.

4. All meeting room applications must be signed by someone eighteen (18) years of age or older, and at least one adult must be in attendance when the meeting room is used by minors.  The rental fee must accompany the application.

5. Preparation of the room for the meeting, and clean-up following the meeting, are the responsibilities of the group requesting use of the room. In addition to the meeting room fee, the library reserves the right to charge a clean up fee ranging from $25.00-$50.00. The group will also be responsible for any damage to library property.

6. Use of each meeting room is restricted to the maximum legal capacity for each room.

7. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

8. Groups are responsible for notifying the Library of the cancellation of any meeting or program.  The rental fee is refundable if notice is provided to the Library at least two (2) business days in advance.  The rental fee will be refunded if the Library is unable to make the room available.

9. The Library cannot undertake to care for or store any materials for groups using the meeting room.

10. The Library staff will not be responsible for the supervision of children while adults are attending meetings.

11. All publicity for non-library sponsored meetings must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring agency.

12. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the withdrawal of meeting room privileges.

Generally, applications for use of the meeting room may not be made more than two months in advance. Due to demand, groups may not request space for more than two (2) evenings in any given month. Where scheduling conflicts exist, priority will be given as follows:

a.) Library programs

b.) Township organizations

c.) Non-township organizations whose service area incorporates Piscataway

d.) Other

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to waive regulations at their discretion.


04/96 Amended  07/00; 06/06; 09/07; 05/09

Meeting Room Capacity

Kennedy Branch – Main Meeting Room : 192

Kennedy Branch – Small Meeting Room : 10

Westergard Branch – Main Meeting Room : 80

Meeting Room Fee Schedule

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