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The Library is wherever you are! Learn about our favorite apps so you can keep the Library in your pocket.  The LMxPress Plusapp gives you access to your Library account right from your phone – placing holds, renewing books, and searching our catalog is easier than ever.

How to Use LMxPress Plus:

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, then enter your library card number and PIN. (Hint: your library card number is right on the back of the card – if you don’t know your PIN, you can retrieve it by calling the Library – keep your card number handy). Once you’ve logged in to your account, there are a number of options to choose from. 

The one we’re most excited to tell you about is right at the bottom of the screen: My Barcode. If you’ve ever come to the Library to check out books and then realized you didn’t have your library card with you, this fixes that problem! You can scan your phone instead of your card.  

Now, let’s talk about what else the app can do:

Select  Nearby Libraries for a list of all of the libraries that are in the Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium (LMxAC). These are other libraries we have a relationship with, so you can seamlessly use their services. You can use your Piscataway library card at any of these locations. After selecting a library, information about that library will appear, such as the location, the address of the library, contact information, links to the library’s social media accounts, and the library’s calendar of events.

Select My Account  to view the books you have checked out, the books you have placed on hold, your account preferences, switch the display language, and a button to sign out of your account. Select Checkouts and select a book to renew the item right from your phone. Select Holds to view the items on your holds list – select a book to view the status of your hold or cancel it.

Selecting eLibraryNJ brings you to the eLibraryNJ catalog, which allows you to borrow  ebooks and downloadable audiobooks. There is an option that says “scan barcode.” Your camera app will open up and you can take a picture of your library barcode in order to begin checking out ebooks and audiobooks. In the search engine at the top of the screen you can search for books. After selecting the book or audiobook you want you can then download it onto your phone or tablet.


By selecting the Social button on the home screen you can then select Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. After selecting a social media platform you can then select the library that you wish to view on the selected social media platform.

Digital Content

By selecting Digital Content on the homepage you have two options, Digital Magazines or Hoopla. After selecting the option you wish to view, you can then search for ebooks, magazines, or even films to view using your library card.

Special features on LMxPress Plus

Some great features that can be used in the LMxPress Plus include options to manage your library account, download econtent, and access your library card. On the main screen of the application there is an option that reads “My Barcode” at the bottom of the screen. By clicking this, your library card barcode is able to be scanned right from your phone!

Being able to access ebooks, audiobooks, and films right from your devices is another fantastic feature that can be used. Now you can check out e-content from any device no matter where you are. You can now read an ebook at home, in the park, or on vacation.

In order to get updates on the library’s latest programs and events, LMxPress allows you to access each library’s social media accounts for information about closures, programs, new library materials, and more

Benefits of LMxPress Plus

One of the best benefits of downloading the LMxPress Plus app on your device is that your library card is always available to you. No need to carry around your plastic library card. As long as you have your phone, library staff can scan your barcode right on your application to check out your materials.

Also, you can now renew your books and place holds anytime, anywhere! If you have a book that is due and you are unable to get to the library in person, LMxPress Plus allows you to renew your book right from home, avoiding late fees.

Finally, finding directions to any library is easy with the Nearby Libraries option. Once you click on your desired library you can click the “Get Directions” button, which will bring you to your phone GPS.

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