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July 29, 2021 is National Chicken Wing Day, National Chili Dog Day, National Lasagna Day, and National Refreshment Day. What better way to celebrate than to check out some amazing cookbooks from your local library!? There are so many cookbooks to choose from whether you’re vegan, looking to make food from around the world, a young chef, or even a fan of food from popular TV shows! With summer coming to a close and fall approaching, what better time to cook with children, friends, or prepare a feast for yourself! Here are some great cookbooks to get started:

Japanese Soups : 66 Nourishing Broths, Stews, and Hotpots by Keiko Iwasaki  

Japanese soups are some of the most unique and tasty soups out there. This cookbook teaches you how to make broths, stews, and popular hot pots in your own home! This book includes fish soups, meaty soups, vegetable soups, and quick and easy soups. Make a Japanese-style beef soup or a vegetarian tom yum soup using authentic ingredients. This cookbook is perfect for the winter months when you want meals to warm you up.


The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook by Annie Gray 

You are cordially invited to dine with your favorite characters from Downton Abbey. There are recipes for every occasion, from garden parties and tea parties to picnics, shoots, and race meets. Make your favorite British recipes like hot cross buns and a delicious yule log or try your hand at filets mignon Lili and yorkshire puddings. You will feel as if you are stepping into  Downton Abbey  in your own kitchen.


VBQ : The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook by Nadine Horn

Summer is a time to break out the barbecue and make some yummy recipes. However, there is so much more to make than beef burgers, chicken, and hot dogs. This vegan barbecue cookbook is great for those who do not eat meat but still want recipes for those hot summer months. Make delicious pepper tofu steaks, stuffed sweet potatoes, vegan spareribs, and even grilled bratwurst. This cookbook lets you indulge in your favorite barbecue recipes in a new and improved way! 


The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by America’s Test Kitchen

You’re never too young to get into cooking! This cookbook features child-approved recipes that are simple to make with an adult helper! Not only will your children love these recipes, but spending quality time together in the kitchen will make it all the more worthwhile! Make everything from panini and meatballs to homemade pizza and tacos. 


The Pumpkin Cookbook : 139 Recipes Celebrating the Versatility of Pumpkin and Other Winter Squash by Edith Stovel

Did you know that canned pumpkin is a nutritious ingredient that can be used to make your favorite breakfasts, snacks, and dinners? What better way to celebrate autumn than to add your favorite winter squashes and pumpkin to your recipes? Make spicy beef stew in a squash bowl, homemade pumpkin bread, or even almond pumpkin biscotti. Make pumpkin a new staple ingredient in your recipes!


Colombiana : Rediscovery of Recipes & Rituals from the Soul of Colombia by Mariana Velasquez 

“A recipe developer and food stylist—whose work has taken her across the globe to work with clients like Michelle Obama and into the test kitchens of today’s most esteemed culinary publications—pays homage to her native country with this vibrant, visually stunning cooking, featuring 100 recipes that meld the contemporary and the traditional.” If you are looking to bring Columbian food and culture into your home, Velasquz’s cookbook is the perfect, delicious, solution.


Cooking the Southern African Way Kari A. Cornell & Peter Thomas

This children’s cookbook is a great way to cook as a family and learn the basics when it comes to making South African recipes. Enjoy this introduction to Southern African food, with easy to follow instructions and recipes for children and novice cooks. Make main dishes like clam and peanut stew, staples like stiff porridge, and desserts like sweet potato cookies and African fruit salad. Using ingredients that are prevalent in African cultures, you can make scrumptious meals right in your own kitchely

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