2021 New Jersey Maker’s Day!


Join Piscataway Public Library from March 13th to March 20th to celebrate New Jersey Makers Day with a variety of events to participate in virtually! Whether you want to enhance your STEM, crafting, or manufacturing skills, the NJ Maker’s Day celebration is all about learning new skills and showcasing your talents. Programs are available to people of all ages with special events being held for children and teens! Here are just a few of the many programs we have to offer:

Game Design with Scratch (Beginner) | Tuesday, March 16, 4:30pm 

Grades 2-8

Design your own Space Mission game using MIT’s drag-and-drop coding language, Scratch, while learning important coding concepts along the way! Create a Scratch account here: scratch.mit.eduSign up here.

Intro to Python (Intermediate) | Tuesday, March 16, 5pm

Grades 5-8 

Learn Python while creating your own quiz game! We will go over important programming concepts and gain problem-solving skills along the way. We will be using repl.it as our online code editor. Create an account here: https://repl.it/. Sign up here.

All About Mars 2021 with the Liberty Science Center | Saturday, March 20, 3pm

Grades K-5 

Mars shines in our evening sky until July of 2021. In this show, we’ll find out how to find the red planet in the current night sky. We’ll then travel to Mars in the wake of the Perseverance rover that landed on Mars in February 2021, and explore Mars as NASA sees it. Sign up here.

Teen Paint and Sip | Tuesday, March 16, 3pm

Grades 6-12

Our Teen Services Librarian Kate-Lynn will help guide you through painting a moonlit scene in this exciting program! Whether you are a beginner or avid painter, this program will help teens enhance their painting skills as they create their own masterpiece from the comfort of their own home. Sign up here.

Taxonomy of Candy | Saturday, March 20, 2pm

Grades 6-12

Classification is a common STEM skill that can be learned by using just about anything, including candy! Find out what specific candies have in common and how they differ by sorting them into general and specific categories. Best part is, you can eat your candy afterwards! Sign up here.

Acrylic Pour Demo |  Saturday, March 20, 3pm

All Ages

Mike Beckwith of Scene One Art will be hosting a demonstration on how to create an Acrylic Pour painting. This fluid painting technique looks beautiful and vibrant on any canvas. By combining paints and tilting them on the canvas, watch as Mike creates eye-catching effects! This will be a Facebook Live event. No registration necessary.

Make It Yourself: Pom Pom Cactus | Friday, March 19, 7pm

Ages 8+

No need to plant and water a real Cactus, you can make your own cactus friend with the library! This artificial plant is a wonderful decoration to liven up any room. A supply kit will be provided by the library. Sign up here.

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