Ways to Read More in 2020

Are you resolving to read more in the new year?  There are several small steps you can take to increase your reading time and reach your goals.  Check out what these bloggers have to say about keeping your reading resolutions:

Katura Hudson is a writer, editor, and communication professional from NJ who gives tips such as decreasing your screen time, always carry a book, and listen to audiobooks.  Audiobooks are great if you have a long commute, or are tired of hearing the same playlist on the radio. You may even find yourself driving a bit out of your way to listen a little longer.  They are also great to listen while you are doing chores like housework. Multitasking at its best!

Modern Mrs. Darcy (aka Ann Bogel) reads 200 books a year!  Two hundred! She has some easy to implement direct actions you can take to increase your list of finished books.  Schedule your reading time, track your reading time and (gulp!) don’t finish books you don’t like! She also suggests always carrying a book with you, which is easy in these days of digital e-books.

Book Riot, a site for all things book and reading related, published their six tips in January of 2019.  Some are similar to those on the previous lists, but here’s a new one – try reading on your break at work instead of scrolling social media – it works! Even if you read for half of a short lunch break, that’s 15 minutes of reading accomplished.  

NPR’s article includes only 3 tips, but has this very useful nugget of advice – save a meaty book for when you have more time to focus on the material, and choose a lighter read for those times you’re waiting for appointments or have distractions around you.

Rest assured that none of these tips require speed-reading!  Slow down, enjoy your books, and look for small pockets of time to indulge your habit.  If you are having trouble finding the right book for you, remember that the Library staff is here to help you.  We have the resources to find interesting books, can suggest titles from our own reading experiences, and can also assist you in downloading e-books and audiobooks using your existing library card.

Consider participating in the Piscataway Public Library’s Adult Reading Challenge.  Meet other readers and book lovers at our 2020 kickoff celebration on Thursday, January 9th at Westergard Library.  Or join us for a book discussion – the next one is Wednesday, January 22nd at 12pm at Kennedy Library.  The book selection is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

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