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Piscataway Public Library Impact Report 2015-2018

Welcome to the Piscataway Public Library Impact Report. As our organization heads into the last year of its 2015-2018 Strategic Plan and into a phase of planning for future goals and objectives, we reviewed the impact Piscataway Public Library has had on the community we strive to serve.

This report is an evaluation of how we have met our organizational mission statement and goals set out in our strategic plan.

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2012 Piscataway Public Library Annual Report

In 2012, Piscataway continued to find ways to improve library service to our community.

This year the library was able to provide a haven following Superstorm Sandy. The library extended its hours to provide a place for community members to charge their electronics, use the internet, relax and be warm. Thousands of residents passed through our doors following the storm, and the sense of community among library users and staff was something none of us will ever forget.

In early February the library created a new Job Training and Teen Space at the Westergard Library, which added approximately 1,000 square feet to the busy branch. The new space has hosted 64 computer classes to a total of 313 community members, and many teens during after-school hours. The library also hosts programs for teens in the new space, such as the Viral Science program.

Public computer usage continues to be a well-used service by the community. The new public space at the Westergard Branch has provided more public computers, and hours of computer usage at the branch were up 15.3% in 2012. The Kennedy Library public computers were used over 27,000 hours in 2012, and the Westergard Branch public computers were used 19,000 hours.

As 2012 was coming to a close, the library staff worked to create the first maker space in a public library in New Jersey. Following the success of maker spaces in public libraries in Westport, CT and Fayetteville, NY, the library is excited to offer this opportunity to its community in early 2013.

Piscataway Public Library will continue to strive to provide the best library service to our community. We would like to thank all the people who support the library, particularly the Township of Piscataway, the Friends of Piscataway Public Library, private donors, the library staff and the Board of Trustees.

James K. Keehbler, Library Director

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