Piscataway Public Library Strategic Plan, 2015-2018


Piscataway Public Library is committed to engaging minds, building connections, and creating opportunities for individual and community-wide growth.


Welcoming Experiences. We understand that no matter how valuable our resources and expertise may be, they will not be accessible to you without mutual respect and appreciation. We prioritize the maintenance of a safe, clean, and friendly environment for all.

Piscataway Public Library Impact Report 2015-2018

Welcome to the Piscataway Public Library Impact Report. As our organization heads into the last year of its 2015-2018 Strategic Plan and into a phase of planning for future goals and objectives, we reviewed the impact Piscataway Public Library has had on the community we strive to serve.

This report is an evaluation of how we have met our organizational mission statement and goals set out in our strategic plan.

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