Wireless Printing Now Available at Kennedy and Westergard Branches

Date of Press Release: 

Monday, June 20, 2016 - 10:00am

Beginning Monday, June 20, visitors to the Kennedy and Westergard Branches of Piscataway Public Library will be able to print wirelessly from mobile devices including smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers. Library patrons will print wirelessly by connecting to select wifi networks, and downloading the SmartAlec (Comprise Technologies) app/software. Once the print jobs have been submitted, users will send them to the black and white or color printers from the printer release station. Standard printing fees apply.

In addition to wireless printing, both branches offer free public computers, scanners, and wifi. Many of the seating areas are wired with electrical access for charging laptops, and mobile device chargers are available at both locations.

For more information about wireless printing, please visit http://www.piscatawaylibrary.org/content/wireless-printing.