Unattended Child Policy

The well-being and safety of children is of great concern to Piscataway Public Library. We encourage families and youth to use our facilities and services. Children, like all library customers, are expected to behave appropriately and adhere to the Library’s Rules of Conduct. A parent, guardian or responsible caregiver (grade 7 and up) should accompany young children while they are using the library, for the child's safety and comfort and the proper operation of the library.

As in all public places, "stranger danger" is a real concern. Library staff cannot prevent children from interacting with or leaving the library with persons who are not appropriate chaperones.

Children in grades 3 or younger may not be left unattended by an adult in any part of the library. If such children are found without an adult, staff will attempt to locate the parent or caregiver.

During story times or other programs for children, adults who do not attend the program with the child in grade 3 or younger, must remain in the building and must be visible when their child returns from the program.

The library will not accept responsibility for supervising or monitoring the wellbeing of unattended children. Children in grades 4 or older must know a way for the staff to contact the parent or caregiver at all times they are left unattended in the library.

Library staff may notify the parent or guardian of unattended children when:

  • It is possible that the library will be closing earlier than usual

  • The child's behavior disturbs other users of the Library

  • There is cause to believe that the child's health or safety is in danger; however, if a medical emergency arises, staff will call 911 immediately and will not accept the responsibility of first contacting a caregiver

  • The library staff are unable to provide the necessary degree of supervision that is desirable for young children

Children who have not been picked up by 15 minutes past closing time, and whose parent or guardian cannot be contacted, will be placed in the care of the Piscataway Police Department. Two staff members will remain with the young person at all times; if two staff members are unable to remain at the building, the Police Department will be contacted.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 6/14/04; 6/14/2010; 6/13/2016

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