Teen Space Usage Policy

Teen Spaces at the Kennedy and Westergard Branches are for teens. These areas are specifically designed to provide Piscataway residents in grades 6-12 with a place in the library where they can meet, study, socialize, and access books and other materials intended specifically for their age group.

During hours of the day when teenagers are not in school, this will be a teen-only space, and adults and young children will not be allowed to use the furniture or computers in the teen space.

Exceptions may be made for tutors working with teenage students, or adults or children who are accompanied by a teen. Patrons who are not teens are welcome to checkout Young Adult materials, but should not occupy the Teen Space for longer than necessary for browsing, at the discretion of the the Reference Librarian on-duty.

Adults may be permitted to use furniture and computers in the teen spaces during times of the day when school is in session. Exact hours may be subject to change, depending on the schedule of Piscataway Schools.


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