Self-Publish Now: Learn Tips and Tricks on How to Publish Your Book

The writers group at the Piscataway will be presenting a free event to the public on self-publishing. Topics will include how to use Amazon CreateSpace and low-cost marketing tips followed by a Q&A. Participants will then get the opportunity to mingle with the authors and peruse their books. 

The panel will include: 

  • Bonnie Brunish, author of the Mindsea Empire science fiction series and the Songs of the Galactic Empire CD. Bonnie also creates Android apps featuring equine characters from the galactic empire. Bonnie has taken several manuscripts along with cover art and interior illustrations through the CreateSpace process.
  • Candace Waller, self-published author of chick lit novel What Goes Around Comes Around. She was an online publicist for several New York Times bestselling authors, securing coverage on high volume websites, blogs and channels. She has a Masters in Digital Publishing from New York University. She blogs about book marketing on her website
  • Malcolm Pope is a musician who has helped dozens of writers create audio books.


To register, click the link above or stop by our Information Desk! 


Kennedy Main Mtg Room
Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm