Rules of Conduct

Piscataway Public Library Rules of Conduct

In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing and attending meeting and programs, the Board of Trustees has adopted these rules governing the use of the Library.  Per N.J.S.A. 40:54, the Board of Trustees has the authority to establish rules and regulations to protect the rights and safety of library patrons, volunteers and staff, preserve and protect library materials, equipment, facilities and grounds.

The following are not permitted on library property:

  • Eating or drinking near the public computers
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Verbally or physically abusing other patrons, volunteers or staff
  • Entering the library or library grounds during a period of exclusion
  • Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others
  • Littering
  • Placing any tables or other structures on library property, including library grounds
  • Obstructing aisles, exits and passageways
  • Using wheeled devices inside the library or on library grounds, including use of skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, motorized and non-motorized scooters and shopping carts. These restrictions do not apply to ADA assistive devices or baby strollers.
  • Bringing animals into the Library, except when needed to assist a person with a disability
  • Making an unreasonable use of the rest rooms, including laundering clothes, changing clothes and bathing
  • Engaging in sexual activity, contact or assault or any act of lewdness or exposure prohibited by New Jersey Statutes Annotated 2C:14-1 through 2C:14-8 and any other sexual activity, which is inappropriate in a public place
  • Not complying with the Library Unattended Child Policy – posted at entrance of Library
  • Soliciting of any kind, including petitioning, canvassing, conducting surveys and distributing written materials for political, charitable, commercial or religious purposes within the Library
  • Selling any goods and services without permission of the Library Director
  • Photography on the library premises without written permission from the Library administration and all those photographed
  • Talking loudly, making noises or engaging in other disruptive conduct
  • Interfering with another person's use of the Library or with library personnel's performance of their duties
  • Patrons whose offensive bodily hygiene is so great as to constitute a nuisance to other library patrons or staff and interferes with the rights of Library patrons  to use the Library, or the ability of the staff to perform their duties
  • Patrons without shoes or shirts
  • Threatening, harassing, stalking, lurking, staring at or physically harming library patrons or staff
  • Damaging or stealing library materials or property
  • Trespassing in non-public areas
  • Not complying with the Library Internet Policy or the Wireless Internet Policy
  • Purposely circumventing computer security or otherwise tampering with the operation of the library computers and network. This includes disabling library equipment, changing the hardware or software or settings on a library computer, or using a library computer for an illegal purpose.
  • Leaving bicycles unattended at the library entrance rather than in bike racks
  • Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, local or other applicable law or library policies

Any patrons violating the Library's Rules of Conduct, or local, state or federal regulations may be required to leave the premises. Police assistance may be utilized if deemed advisable by the Library staff.

Persistent violations of the Library's rules may result in the suspension of library privileges, including the right to use the facilities, the public internet computers and/or to borrow materials. Such suspension may be enacted by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the Director.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees – 4/11/2010


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