How do I get a library card?

All individuals must be present in the library to obtain or renew a library card, regardless of age or residency.


Proof of residency in Piscataway is required before a card is issued. Borrowing priviledges apply for 3 years for those who live or own propoerty in town. At the end of that 3-year period, the physical card is still valid, but you must bring your card and ID to the library to renew the account. Valid proof of residency for Adults is:

  1. Current driver’s license with Piscataway address (We do not accept a P.O. Box); OR
  2. Government-issued photo ID in addition to one of the following: recent mail (postmarked within 3 months); mail from a bank, utility company or other official organization that is dated and addressed to the individual; current lease agreement or property tax bill showing individual’s name and Piscataway address

Valid proof of residency for Juveniles (birth-18) can be presented using a parent's ID and proof or residency (see above) along with the parent's signature on the application card. Both parent and child must be present. Alternately, children/teens who are 12 and older without a parent present can provide school ID in addition to proof of Piscataway residency (current printed or online school report card, school schedule, interim report, school bus pass).


If you are a resident at any of these listed locations, which are all part of the Libraries of Middlesex Consortium, you should obtain a card through your home library. This card can then be used to borrow materials at Piscataway Library. If you have a card outside of Middlesex County at any of the libraries listed here, you must bring your home library card with you, along with your ID and proof of residency, to obtain borrowing priviledges at Piscataway Library. 

If none of the situations above apply, you may obtain library membership upon payment of a $45.00 annual fee, granting full privileges as a Piscataway Public Library card holder.


If you live in a town that already has a reciprocal borrowing relathionship, you can use that library card at either of our branches. Otherwise:

Piscataway employees must show proof of their home address, employment, and the Piscataway address of their place of employment (pay stub, letter signed by supervisor on letterhead). Piscataway Township municipal government employees (including municipal government employees, Piscataway Board of Education employees, employees of the Piscataway Vo-Tech school) who do not live in Piscataway are entitled to the same borrowing privileges as Piscataway residents. Municipal employees still must provide proof of their home address, proof of employment, and the address and phone number of their place of employment. Piscataway students must provide proof of their home address, and proof of Piscataway school enrollment with the name and Piscataway address of the school. (Rutgers University students who cannot provide a Piscataway address should apply for a library card with New Brunswick Free Public Library.) 


To be registered for this type of account, temporary Piscataway residents must provide photo ID,  proof of temporary residency and the address and phone number of that residence. These accounts are limited to borrowing two items at a time (books or ebooks), but are not eligible to borrow new books, magazines, or non-print materials (other than ebooks). Privileges are good for three months with the option of renewal if temporary circumstances persist. Temporary accounts are upon approval of the Department Supervisor.

New to the library? After hours? Click here to register online. (Registration only valid for 30 days.) This temporary ID allows limited access to statewide online databases. To complete the registration process and receive full borrowing privileges, you must bring proof of residence and a photo ID to the library.


If you are unable to phyisically come to the library to apply for membership due to limited or longterm illness or disability, please consider our homebound delivery service. To register for home delivery, please fill out this form, or call 732-463-1633.


Users are charged $2.00 for each library card replacement. Replacement cards are only issued in person with proper ID. Please let us know if you believe you've lost your card so that we can place a temporary block on your account!