Piscataway Public Library and IEEE Seeking Ideas for Local Social Issues Initiative

The Piscataway Public Library and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have partnered to work on a local-for-local initiative, collaborating to find a technological solution to a socio-economic issue that is important to your Piscataway community.

To identify the issue that the team will address, we need suggestions from local residents. The Piscataway Public Library, volunteers from local IEEE members and staff,  and Piscataway residents will then assemble and choose one of the suggestions and work towards a solution. The goal is to provide a technological solution with a strong emphasis on sustainability so that once it is in place it should be useful and relevant for years to come. 

We are looking for ideas from YOU, the residents of Piscataway, on local issues we can consider working on!

By participating, you will also be entered into a drawing to receive a small gift.

Please use the form provided below to submit your suggestion. This form is also available at : http://bit.ly/L4LIdeaCall

Deadline for submissions is 9/15/2017. If you wish to provide multiple suggestions, please fill out a separate form for each idea. Be as clear as possible defining the problem. Do not be concerned if you cannot think of how technology may help -- that is where we come in.

Some ideas that have already been suggested: senior transportation scheduling, video tutorials created by high school students demonstrating a technology (made available through social media such as the library website and YouTube), a volunteer web portal to match local volunteers with local needs (such as at the library, senior center, public school programs, etc.)