2017 Adult Reading Challenge

Are you in a reading rut? Tired of the same authors and genres? Break out of your reading comfort zone and join our:


The rules are simple:

  • During each month, read a book that fits the chosen challenge category.
  • After finshing a read, submit an Adult Reading Challenge entry form found at our Information Desks. 
  • Each completed entry form will enter you into our Monthly Prize Drawing! Read as much as you can -- there's no limit to monthly entries!  
  • Extra monthly entries can also be earned by writing a short book review in our Piscataway Recommends notebook by the Information Desk. 
  • If you complete any of our monthly challenges, you will ALSO be entered to win our GRAND PRIZE chosen at the end of the year! Only one grand prize entry per patron. 
  • Feel free to ask a Librarian for monthly suggestions!

Here are the monthly challenges: 

January - Read a self-improvement book

February - Read an award-winning book (fiction or nonfiction)

March - Read a book about a culture you're unfamiliar with or set in a different country (fiction or nonfiction)

April - Read a funny book or a book of poems (your choice)

May - Read a memoir

June - Read a science fiction book

July - Read a book set in the summer (fiction or nonfiction)

August - Read a thriller

September - Read a New York Times bestseller from the 1990's (fiction or nonfiction)

October - Read a book that will scare you (fiction or nonfiction)

November - Read a book translated into English (fiction or nonfiction)

December - Read a Young Adult Book

Read with a purpose. And for prizes. Remember -- we are here to help if you'd like suggestions!